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St. Jean-Baptiste Men's Choir
The choir was formed over 100 years ago with the founding of St. Jean-Baptiste parish in Lynn, MA by French-Canadian immigrants. During that period, there were 7 directors and I was fortunate enough not only to have been a member for 45 years, but also its director.  During my tenure as director, I recorded 3 masses and 9 motets (short musical pieces in 4 part harmony normally sung during the Offertory and Communion of the Mass).  The recordings were made at Saint Mary's Italian Church in Salem, MA, and, when the group wasn't singing 'a capella', we were ably accompanied by noted organist Anna DellaMonica.
Ginder - Kyrie

Ginder - Gloria

Ginder - Sanctus

Ginder - Benedictus

Ginder - Agnus Dei
Duesing - Kyrie

Duesing - Gloria

Duesing - Sanctus

Duesing - Benedictus

Duesing - Agnus Dei
Peeters - Kyrie

Peeters - Gloria

Peeters - Sanctus

Peeters - Benedictus

Peeters - Agnus Dei
Asperges Me

Tantum Ergo

Adoremus In Aeternum

Regina Coeli

O Bone Jesu

Postula Me

Vidi Aquam

O Jesu Ergo Amo Te

Adorote Devote
Special Feature, 2 duets with Freddy Gaudet and Tom Carmody:

Gounod - Lovely Appear 

Traditional - Le Voici L'Agneau Si Doux