Tom Carmody's Music

Remember to turn your speakers on, crank up the volume; click on the title.I recently changed most  selections  to YouTube videos outlined in light brown.
"Voices of the People" was my first music album engineered for CD format and later MP3.  Most of the music was written by my friend Paul Amirault who attempted to merge his Native American heritage with his jazz and pop musical background.
Artwork: Susan Cassidy and Terry Carmody.   Special Project thanks to Christopher Baker 

Paul Amirault….. Music and lyrics (most selections), guitar, synthesizer, vocals on "Micmac Maker", narration on "0 Manitou" and "Voices of The People {instr.) 

Tom Carmody…. Music and lyrics on "Grant Us" and "When 2 Cultures Meet", most vocals, autoharp, flute, percussion

Tim Bowden…….Percussion

Josh Carmody….Wood flute on “O Manitou”

Recording and mixdown by Tim Bowden and Tom Carmody 

Published by……Ultre Music, att. Tom Carmody
 19 Granite Street
 Peabody, MA  01960 

Grant Us
Abenaki People
Micmac Maker
Voices Of The People (Instr.)
O Manitou (Intro)
O Manitou

When The Buffalo Returns
When 2 Cultures Meet
Cante Ishte
The Young Ones Sing
Heaven Is Where You Stand
Voices Of The People (Vocal)