Tom Carmody's Music

Remember to turn your speakers on, crank up the volume, and click on the title. Most selections below are now YouTube links as of 10/21/2020.
Pop Music:
Can't Find A Reason
You Smile
For The Light
  Music Of The Night
Finale From Chess
Classical Choral:
 Ingrediente Domino by Carlo Rossini
   O Vos Omnes by Victoria, Arr. by Carlo Rossini
Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus by Ravanello
Alleluia by Thompson
Terra Tremuit by Carlo Rossini
Magnificat by Carlo Rossini
Below are links to 2 Xmas songs I wrote, both lyrics and music. The accompaniment was arranged on keyboard synthesizer by Dennis Devine, whom I have not seen in a million years. 
I'm dedicating "Christmas Time Again" to my late brother Dave. I had the chorus I wanted, but got stuck trying to figure where I was going with the verse. Dave suggested "Downtown shoppers spend like it's free" and I said "Almost time to bring home the tree". The rest wrote itself. Thanks, Dave.
Star - A Christmas Carol
Christmas Time Again
My Compositions:
So Bright
Classical Solo:
Tristesse by Gabriel Faure
Les Roses D'Ispahan by Gabriel Faure
Je Te Veux by Eric Satie
Tota Pulchra Es by Anonymous
Bone Pastor by M. A. Charpentier
Les Berceaux by Gabriel Faure